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ข้อที่ 1. A lot of mistakes were made by James __________ the past year. ?

ข้อที่ 2. Our companies are all _______ the world. ?

ข้อที่ 3. ESE has built ______ a reputation for being a great institution and provided efficient lesson to its students. ?

ข้อที่ 4. The file will be sent to the Personnel Department _________ this evening or tomorrow morning. ?

ข้อที่ 5. He _______ gone to the party last night. I was there and I didn’t see him. ?

ข้อที่ 6. John Ryan’s _________ assistant will accompany him on his trip to Thailand this month. ?

ข้อที่ 7. Did you remember _______ the letter? ?

ข้อที่ 8. In order to operate _________ in nowadays’ business environment, our company must do something that we haven’t done before. ?

ข้อที่ 9. During the presentation, the founder of the company _______ that the launch of the new campaign will raise the sale of the company. ?

ข้อที่ 10. Jenny ________ through the window into the park. ?


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